An image of the Age of Steel RPG rulebook

Age of Steel

Age of Steel is a dieselpunk RPG set in a world much like our own during the 1920s to 1930s. It is a world recovering from its first global war, a world in the twilight years of exploration and adventure, and a world on the brink of another devastating conflict.

Using my own dice engine, games of Age of Steel are fast-paced pulp adventures. Play as a hard-boiled PI, a genius gadgeteer, or a daring explorer and take on eldritch conspiracies or scheming crime lords in a world in which heroes are as hard as steel.

Age of Steel is a Gold Best Seller on DriveThruRPG, and currently has four supplements available.

To Catch a Thief, an introductory adventure and guidebook to Dar-el, the legendary city of intrigue on the coast of Kijani.

Hunt for the Midnight Crow, a longer campaign adventure that takes the players deep into the jungles of Kijani in search of a lost battleship, a wealth of treasure, and an unexpected evil.

The Adventurer’s Handbook, containing new equipment, vehicles, and rules to add to your expeditions.

Better Backgrounds, a free update to the background rules.

An image of the Tormented RPG rulebook


Tormented is a spiritual horror RPG in which the players take on the role of souls condemned to the Twelve Hells for crimes they no longer remember. Tortured and twisted by the punishments of their captors, the Tormented have gained strange new powers from their scars but also risk losing the last vestiges of their humanity along with their memories.

Using a variation of the same dice engine as Age of Steel, Tormented is a storytelling game of loss, revenge, guilt, repentance, and redemption.

An image of the When the Moon Hangs Low RPG rulebook

When the Moon Hangs Low

When the Moon Hangs Low is a gothic action RPG in which the players take on the role of hunters; people possessed of strange abilities who find themselves fated to oppose the terrible forces of darkness. Set in Harrowmire, a decaying city teetering on the edge of chaos, it is a game of intrigue, investigation, and combat.

Using the latest iteration of the same dice engine as Age of Steel and Tormented, When the Moon Hangs Low became a Gold Best Seller before being relaunched on Kickstarter in October 2022 to fund an enhanced edition with bespoke artwork and even more content.

There is currently one supplement for When the Moon Hangs Low: Shadows of Bishopsgate. A depthcrawl adventure, Shadows of Bishopsgate uses random tables to create a unique experience each time it is played. With new monsters and new rules, this supplement can be used for short missions or as part of a longer campaign.