Call of Cthulhu

By Chaosium

I have written four modern-day scenarios for Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu which are published under their Miskatonic Repository on DriveThruRPG. Set in the UK and Europe, these these scenarios pit the players against a variety of eldritch threats and are my contribution to the ever-growing world of the Mythos.

Dark Offerings

The Wernicke Boxes


In Xanthic Tones

Nasty Little Curios

The Wildsea

By Quillhound Studios

The Wildsea is a new weird RPG set in a world consumed by a huge planet-spanning forest. Ride the verdant waves in a chainsaw-powered ship crewed by haunted driftwood golems, spider hiveminds, slug people, and giant moths.

I contributed a reach to the Wildsea core rulebook: a self-contained setting within the larger Wildsea setting. Within my reach, the Kremmich Surge, players can find haunted settlements, insular locals, and something vast and terrible lurking beneath the waves.

SCP The Tabletop RPG

By 26 Letter Publishing

Set in the world of the wildly popular SCP Foundation, the SCP RPG enables players to work for the shadowy organisation that routinely secures, contains and protects all manner of strange and terrible things to dangerous to allow the public to know about.

I created The Black Glass Labyrinth, the sample scenario included in the core rulebook. As a contributor to the original SCP Archive I was well positioned to create a new artefact for players to encounter and the horrors that unfold as they try to work out how to contain it.